FAQ: Whats On Ibiza Tonight?

FAQ: Whats On Ibiza Tonight?

What is there to do in Ibiza today?

30 Best Things to Do in Ibiza

  • Visit Ibiza Cathedral.
  • Appreciate the UNESCO World Heritage Ibiza Old Town Dalt Vila.
  • Experience Playa d’en Bossa.
  • Spend the Day at Talamanca Beach.
  • Trek the North of the Island at Punta d’es Moscarter.
  • Enjoy the Quieter Resort of Santa Eulalia.
  • Experience the Parties and Beaches of San Antonio.

What’s Open in Ibiza now?


  • Tanit Beach Ibiza, Playa d’en Bossa – Open.
  • Nassau Beach Club, Playa d’en Bossa – Open.
  • Coco Beach, Playa d’en Bossa – Open.
  • Beachouse Ibiza, Playa d’en Bossa – Open.
  • Jockey Club, Salinas beach – Open.
  • Beso Beach Ibiza, Salinas beach – Open.
  • Malibu, Salinas beach – Open.

What clubs are open in Ibiza 2020?

Top opening parties Ibiza 2020

  • Es Paradis opening party.
  • Octan club Ibiza opening party 2020.
  • O Beach club opening party 2020.
  • Odissey 24h party – Ushuaïa & Hï Ibiza opening party.
  • Amnesia opening party 2020.
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel opening party 2020.
  • Fiesta apertura, Heart Ibiza opening party 2020.
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Are the clubs open in Ibiza?

Clubs in Ibiza could start to reopen from as early as July, it’s been reported. In early June, the Spanish government said nightclubs could reopen until 2am, at reduced capacity, in regions where the Covid case rate was below 50 per 100,000 people over 14 days. 5

Which is better Ibiza or Mallorca?

It is much bigger and its nature more varied. There are no mountains in Ibiza, while Mallorca’s Sierra de la Tramuntana stands out as one of Spain’s most beautiful. Choose Mallorca if culture and hiking are your things. If you are a party animal, then Ibiza is your place!

Is Ibiza dangerous?

Ibiza is generally a really safe and friendly place to enjoy your holiday, and has a lower crime rate than many other parts of Spain.

Is Ibiza Open 2020?

Ibiza clubs will not open in 2020. Venues and nightclub associations had been lobbying to get clubs open toward the end of the 2020 season with social distancing and increased hygiene measures in place but the Balearic government has ruled out any club activity this year.

Will Ibiza clubs be open in 2021?

Openings of the remaining Ibiza nightclubs in 2021 For the time being, and foreseeably until this pilot test is carried out, no more opening have been announced in Ibiza for this season. This is mainly due to precaution in the face of possible changes in legislation or a worsening health situation.

How expensive is Ibiza?

The mystique of Ibiza isn’t there any more.” The average package holiday, for one week, will cost £500, but it’s what you spend when you are there that can sting. Entry to the top five clubs can cost you up to 70 euros (£55) and drinks can start at 15 euros (£11.90).

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What are the best clubs in Ibiza?

The 7 best clubs in Ibiza that you should know

  • Hï Ibiza.
  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club.
  • Eden Ibiza.
  • Amnesia Ibiza.
  • Ocean Beach Ibiza.
  • Pacha Ibiza.
  • Bora Bora.
  • Privilege Ibiza.

Where is best to stay in Ibiza for partying?

Best Party Hotels in Ibiza

  • Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. Ibiza, Spain.
  • Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa. Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza.
  • Hotel Garbi Ibiza & Spa. Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Ibiza, Spain.
  • ME Ibiza. Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza.
  • Hotel MiM Ibiza Es Vivé
  • Apartamentos Poniente Playa.
  • Apartamentos Sal Rossa Ibiza.

Where are the clubs in Ibiza?

These are the major clubs on the island of Ibiza:

  • Amnesia – located in the middle of the island, near San Rafael.
  • Benimussa Park – also known as “the Zoo,” open-air venue outside of San Antonio.
  • DC10 – located near the airport on the road to Las Salinas.
  • Destino – located at the end of Talamanca beach.

Can you dance in Ibiza 2020?

DJs, club owners and party-goers had been crossing their fingers for Ibiza clubs to open in 2020. Now, the Balearic Government has said nightclub venues cannot open their doors until next year at the earliest, according to local media.

What clubs are in San Antonio Ibiza?

5 beach bars and beach clubs in San Antonio and its bay

  • Kumharas.
  • Café Mambo.
  • Café del Mar.
  • Amàre Beach Club Ibiza.
  • Sunsea Bar.
  • CBbC Cala Bassa.
  • Cotton Beach Club Ibiza.
  • Maya Beach Club.

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